Under Assisted Living regulations, a facility provides assistance to individuals with activities of daily living; however, the person providing assistance is not required to be a licensed healthcare worker. Additionally, a licensed nurse is not required to be in the community more than eight hours a day. At Webster at Rye, we provide 24-hour care by licensed staff. The payment source for Assisted Living is usually private resources.

A Nursing Home will provide more services than Assisted Living and requires licensed staff to be on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This allows the nursing home to generally be able to handle more complex medical issues than could be provided in Assisted Living. The payment sources for a Nursing Home are an individual’s private resources, Medicaid or Medicare (if the facility is certified as skilled care) and long-term care insurance. Webster at Rye accepts all these payment sources.

Memory Care is designed to assist those who are unable to safely remain at home due to memory loss or other cognitive impairments. A need for increased levels of personal care, social activities and programs, and a safe environment often can’t be provided by one caregiver alone. Memory care is designed to enrich residents’ lives through nursing care, engaging activities for socialization, and providing a safe and nurturing environment.