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Behind the scenes at Webster at Rye is a group of dedicated individuals who quietly and unselfishly give of themselves and their time. These volunteers comprise a key component in attaining the high quality of life that our Residents and families have come to expect and appreciate.

There are many ways to volunteer at Webster at Rye. Some volunteers might choose to share their hobbies, talents and special interests while others provide important emotional support to an individual by simply holding a hand or lending an ear. Volunteers can have regularly scheduled assignments or can come in to help with a specific event, such as a holiday party or a shopping trip to the mall. Volunteer work can be done at almost any time - days, evenings, weekends, in short stints or over longer periods of time. Each volunteer brings a special gift to his or her volunteer work. Sometimes a smile, touch or laughter together can be the most meaningful contribution a volunteer can make.

There are opportunities for junior volunteers as well between the ages of 14-18. These special volunteers assist in Webster at Rye's intergenerational programs. They may help Residents pass out treats to children at Halloween, assist in a weekly bowling game or teach someone how to use the computer.

Regardless of what you do or how often you do it, you can expect volunteering to be a fun way to spend your time with the added benefit of helping others.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Pet Visits
Are you and your pet certified for pet visits? Animals bring a lot of comfort, empathy and joy to people of all ages. If you're a pet owner, you know what a wonderful friend you have in your animal. Sometimes, people have an animal so special that the animal becomes certified as a therapy pet in order to visit schools and nursing homes. If you're one of those special combinations of therapy pet and volunteer, Webster at Rye Assisted Living in Rye, NH is the place for you! We have many residents who would enjoy a visit from you and your four-legged companion.

Piano Player for Senior Singers
Do you have a passion for helping seniors in an assisted living community? Webster at Rye Assisted Living is in need of a piano player to accompany our senior singers! If you'd like to volunteer your time for an hour every other week and have fun playing the great old songs of yesteryear and encouraging a group of enthusiastic singers, you're just who we're looking for!

For further information on how you can become involved in Webster at Rye's Volunteer Program, please fill out the form below or contact our .

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